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Education has become more accessible than before. all countries are putting a lot of effort into the education of their youth. It is the youth who will plan and build a stronger future for the country. And for them to be successful, they undergo basic at important phases of life called schooling. The first few things that come to my mind when I think of education are school, teachers, books & learning. The most important phase of an individual’s life which builds a strengthening base for him to fight with difficulties in life and construct an accomplished career. 

The aim of education should be to prepare us for the challenges of adult life. But from what is been taught and what the kids are learning, it will never be useful to them in the future. They are learning what was needed are ages ago. The things that school today teach are not wrong, just not for today & not for the unpredictable future they will have. The brains of the kids are going to be like fresh sponges. They will not understand which type of waters to absorb, and they end up absorbing everything happening around them. For example, the children of the 21st century born with the birth of mobile phones and tablets, the internet, and instantly produced materials. Which made them have a different perspective towards life. Majorly the aim of their learning, carrier planning, and the building is not responsible towards their family are the nation. It has now changed to a self-focused process. Where in whatever we do is to look out for ourselves a limited number of people. Which is again not wrong, but not completely right either. Such type of behavior makes them selfish wherein we need a selfless society.


 Education has become a business:

 Nowadays we are finding it leads to in every alley. Which is good but needs to offer quality education. A school is responsible for building a base for a student’s life & hence it needs to be strong in all areas of expertise for them to stand erect & ready for all the challenges ahead. 

 Accessibility and Affordability:

These are the aspects that have started to determine the future of the children. If you belong to an upper class or a middle-class family, quality education & schooling are quite easily accessible. Is standard education only for the kids in Urban areas? And what about the lower class and rural places? Are Government schools providing good quality education? Are they capable enough to trust them with the base of a child? Is education dependent on the amount you pay? Standard education is the right of every child in the country. It has to be accessible & affordable. Combining bricks & concrete to construct a building is not building a school. You need good teachers, the same books that are used by all students around the country, computer labs, science practical labs, Plat grounds, field visits & all the same things that are genuinely necessary for the children. Unnecessary increase in the amount of fees is going to only increase the gap between Public and Private education sector, which is not a good sign if we are aiming for an equal education system. And it needs to be reduced. Education needs to be conveniently & equally available to all.

 The Education system needs to upgrade:

 Every student has a different quality, our way of working, learning, and a purpose of their existence. Instead, it makes all students a part of a common rat race. A rat race is batteries when the winner gets nothing but the satisfaction that he is the head of the losers. When the foundation of our thinking is comparison, then how will the structure we build be stronger. The Indian youth is frustrated due to low-quality education & no better job opportunities. Hence, a lot of talented students are seen leaving the country.

 What can be done about this?

 The teachers must become a gardener rather than jailors. Every student behaves like a different plant. Hence, they need to be nourished & grown differently. Some plants don’t need that much attention, but on the contrary, there are such plants that need extreme care & attention. Similar is the behavior of the children & need a different level of care. 

 Rote learning:

The very popular YouTubers Abhi & Niyu have explained this with a great example. The first chapter in the 10th SSC science periodic table. Where there were 116 elements in the book whereas 118 elements had a confirmed existence. But it was not allowed to write 118 as an answer, because it was not the number that is written in the book and the syllabus was not updated. So, schools are told to follow the book and so do the students. Or else you lose marks for writing the truth. A is search by ASSOCHAM (The Associated) Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) says, “A staggering 80% of engineers in India are unemployable.” The skills necessary for students in their respective careers are not raised in them. 

 Factual and practical-based learning must come into action. And students need to put more interest. There will be at least 1 subject where they will find comfort. Respect, support, and help them excel in it.

 Daily life education:

 No matter what you become or choose to be in the future. There are some compulsory aspects that everybody must go through. For example, how to write a letter or an email, how to express our thoughts and emotions, how to file your taxes, Table manners, communication etiquette, when & how to dress, or as simple as giving a speech. Career Counselling is majorly focused on students but needs to also give attention to parents & their way of parenting. Because they are so many career options that they are so not aware of & might convince their child to go with the typical. 

 The necessity of sports education:

 As time passes and kids grow towards higher classes, the interaction with sports at the playground is reduced. As you reach 8th or 9th class you will barely be able to play games or even pay attention to your physical health. This pattern creates more stress and pressure on the students. Physical activities not help us to be fit but also maintain mental fitness. How to face the toughest challenges? How to handle the pressure? How to deal with success and failure? What is teamwork and how productive it could be? These are a few things that can be learned through sports. It has to be placed on the important to-do list with mathematics and Science for students in all classes. 

 The responsibility of development and evolution is on everybody. The education system, teachers, students, parents, friends, relatives & everybody. The system has to be disciplined and proportionate. The teachers will have to make subjects entertaining and fun to learn. There should be just one extra percent of enthusiasm, one extra percent of interest, and one extra percent of jokes and laughter, which will change the course and the way of studying. It will make a difference. As parents, children should be allowed playtime. A lot can be done from a playground rather than a classroom. A new education policy has arrived and it has a few important changes. but we need to understand one important thing, the two most necessary factors of a system cannot be changed. and they are the students and their interest and enthusiasm.



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