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What is Employment?

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Employment is a relationship between two parties, usually based on a contract, one being the employer and the other being the employee. An employee is a person who works for a corporate, profit or non-profit organization and the employer is the organization for the payer. In a system, the employees work in return for payment, which varies from organization to different sectors working in different forms.

Employment is an important factor consent to the environmental, political, social & and economic growth of the country. It has their competency of influencing, decision making, removal of corruption & access to unknown basic rights. As India is considered to be a widely developing Nation, so is its economic growth. Which is directly connected to the employment status of the country. The Nation’s strength at depicted by the level of job growth inside it. The participation of employed men and women makes a great deal to the country. Literacy makes an immense influence on the illiterate and the future generation who will have a big responsibility of building a stronger Nation in all terms. 

The role of jobs in an economy plays a vital role especially in a developing country like ours, unemployed person Contributes to society and the economy largely in terms of GDP and the per capita income. Employment comes from the right education and hard work which later gives us experiences through which we are acquainted with the powers, rights, and laws that we are privileged to have.

There are a lot of things employment has to offer on a personal basis: 

A Job is an important part of everybody’s life. It teaches a person a lot of important things, that will be life independent with embracing his own choices on how to live. Employment is just not limited to getting paid. In This present time, businesses are more in need of people who have different thought-processing ability, creativity, management skills, and problem-solving, and get the job done. 

  • Expanding Social Networking:

Sitting inside an office and working from home have a huge difference. Technology did connect us, but meeting new people, socializing, networking, friendships, relationship, and whatnot. Such activities have become a complexion to many. Setting aside the lockdown situation these activities are important in everybody’s life. The support provided by co-workers can change someone’s life experience from one of isolation to feeling part of a community.

  • Newer skills:

The more we stay in a healthy friendly working environment, it is observed that we are more likely to adopt newer skills. These skills could be the result of a friendly college are good Bosses. Which will eventually help in my personal and further in my professional life.

  • Disciplined lifestyle:

Leaving home early to reach somewhere on time, completing work up to date and more such routine practices are going to shape you into a disciplined lifestyle. Which also stimulates the speed of work with the advantage of good-quality results. 

  • Value of time:

When you are employed or designated to an organization, you automatically get used to a disciplined routine and lifestyle. you start valuing time to make an impression in your working space. This way this quality develops and reflects in personal and professional life like giving family time or eating means at the right time. This is where you will be productive, efficient, and valued.

  • Freedom:

Freedom smells different. the air of freedom and not being dependent on somebody it’s different. taking decisions for yourself, being the responsible one at home and the office. These are a few perks of employment apart from a good paycheck.

 Work helps to gain a sense of pride and self-satisfaction, reaffirming that you are capable enough to support yourself. With work, you can earn money to cover your bills and paper activities in your leisure time.


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