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Education is Necessity

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India a country of beliefs has flourished in competition with superstition. And education for its way to the height it has reached now.  India has been the land of agriculture and farmers. A farmer who is also a father expects his son to join him in the fields by the age of 15 to 16 and get his daughter married by the same age. so that he has a helping hand of a son and no more financial duty towards his daughter.  But the practice on this concept has reduced immensely.

 A few surveys by UNICEF show us the graphs of the situation of education in India. 

‘An estimated 6.1 million children out of school in 2014 produced from 13.4 6 million in 2006.  out of hundred students, 29% of girls and boys drop out of school before completing the full cycle of elementary education, and of them, they are the most marginalized children. 


  1. Equality:

An educated person understands the value of education and does not discriminate between caste and class. the maturity in a person is brought about by education. it is an equal right to all and hence the first motive and importance of education is equality. the government provides free education at the age of 16. Hence the majority of the students are equally provided the same education without discrimination. This also helps in bringing out a positive picture of the country. 

  1. Employment:

An increase in the rate of education is directly going to affect the employment rate. if one is educated either he gets Android or as an employer to several candidates. The government provides multiple schemes such as Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Employees State Insurance Scheme, rural poverty alleviation, women and child development, etc. The popular ‘Atma nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ also caters to training and employment opportunities. 

  1. Production:

 skilled and specialized workers can handle Complex machines are techniques that unskilled workers comparatively cannot. new methods can be introduced to improve product quality and quantity. this increased productivity and has increased production leads to economic growth and GDP. 

  1. Economic Development:

 Education brings economic development to the country. the more educated and literate is a country the faster will be the development and that will directly increase the economy. an educated man will come up with new ideas which will help in raising finances

  1. Economic Growth:

The growth and economic development increase growth in the economy of the country. education is important for this growth to increase. as gram increases technology and overall growth of the country also increases. 

Therefore, education is considered the root cause in the development of the country and growth All the above aspects were with context to the growth and development of the country it when a child, a parent, or guardian thinks of education the motive behind it should be self-dependency and self-growth. that will automatically value you to value education, hard work, and money. 


India is one of the most populated countries in the world. But still known as a developing Nation. The cause of the situation is the rate of education in the country which needs to be increased.  the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella shares a story of the importance of education in his life.  his great-grandmother was a young widow and could only send one of her sons to school. One of them was a responsible child, while the other was a bit of a troublemaker. she opted for the responsible and diligent child viewed as having more potential in the workforce. He became a daily better at the construction site. he would continue in that field for the rest of his life never allowed to gain new skills and gain higher-level employment. The Other was sent to the local school and that boy was Satya’s grandfather. despite being seen as less responsible he continued through school and eventually became a police officer. despite entering the workforce nearly, a decade after his brother his starting salary was exponentially higher. 

“It was my grandfather’s education and eventual career that enabled my father to pursue his education which eventually allowed me to follow my passion. the opportunity my grandfather was given impacted the trajectories of the generations to come.”

 “We live in an amazing time of technological progress. Every aspect of our lives, economies & societies is being shaped by digital technologies. We need to prepare our students for this future and enable team-based learning experiences in the classroom which will later help them in their practical lives. Among groups of students, between students and teachers & between teachers and parents. learning through collaboration, hubs for teamwork, personalized learning tools, and the ability to co-create. ” –SATYA NADELLA



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