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What are writing skills used for?

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In this modern era, we all require unique content writing skills for digital marketing. A well written blog or article can grab a lot of attention.  it may also attract many more ideas where you can show your creative writings. One has to grow in their writing, they have to show keenness. 

Here we are with a few tips that can surely help your writing to stand out. It gets easy when you brush up on basics and start writing from time to time. 

The 5 tips you can grab are:

1.Develop a unique style: 

There is competition everywhere, so for the writers they should choose a unique way within their own comfort zone. The internet is flooded with an array of content and standing out among the others is a challenge. If the reader decides to read your blog then he/she is following you. Writers have their own style and skill of delivering messages. You may struggle in early days but eventually you will find your voice. Time will pass and you’ll experience which will conclude your unique writings.

2.Make use of a wide vocabulary: 

Having a wide vocabulary is an asset of a writer. Pointless writing can drop your readers. Instead, choose different words regardless of usual words. Also, don’t try using complex words that are difficult to read or understand.  Your  audience needs to understand the actual meaning of your writings. Consider the readers while selecting a word as they should know exactly what you’re saying. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, even in writing.

3.Get a writing partner: 

You should get honest feedback for your writings and maybe sometimes you may require a second opinion. In that case, your writing partner will be your rescuer. writing partner will help you with honest feedback, review your work, suggest improvement and help you think as well as write better and more creatively. Workshops on improving writing skills can help you improve your writing as well as help you find a writing partner who is eager to read new content as well as help in improving the same.  

4.Express your thoughts confidently: 

When you surf on the internet sometimes you’re not satisfied. That happens when the writer holds himself/herself to share their emotions. They are skeptical about expressing themselves and their opinions and worried if the audience would like that.  If you are writing a news item or any serious topic, you will certainly have to present the facts, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it in a formal manner. You can utilize your creativity and present the same ideas in a different manner as well. in other forms of informal writing, the more expressive your content is the more you are able to hook your audience to your writing. 

5.First drafts are never perfect: 

Every writer will agree on this that the first blog is always dreadful, that’s why it is a draft. So, even if you are not confident to write down things perfectly on your first attempt, you can make it perfect later on. But, just don’t block your thoughts. Once you finish your writing, you can nourish the content later with final editing and proofreading. 

3.Respect- We must show that we care for others, even if we don’t agree with them. Regardless of their opinion, everyone deserves respect. Even when we are passionate about our opinion and bold in sharing our thoughts, if we are open to the fact that we could be wrong, it will keep the conversation safe.

4.Confidence- Speak at a steady and comprehensible pace. Practice breathing rhythmically and in time with your speech. Don’t undersell what you are saying by using maybe words such as ‘just’, ‘like’ and ‘perhaps’ Maintain eye contact at all times, and remember to smile.

5.Giving and receiving feedback- Giving and receiving feedback in the workplace is important to change behaviors, improve productivity and evaluate performance. Employees and their managers need to know what they are doing well and areas in which they could do better so they know what to keep doing or what to change.

6.Volume and clarity– When you’re speaking, it’s important to be clear and audible. Adjusting your speaking voice so you can be heard in a variety of settings is a skill and it’s critical to communicating effectively. Speaking too loudly may be disrespectful or awkward in certain settings.


7.Empathy- Empathic communication involves both accepting and allowing different perspectives and emotions in other people, and also sharing it with them to enable encouragement and support. It’s also the practice of actively listening, in an effort to understand the emotions of who you’re communicating with


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