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How to improve your communication skills

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With experience and practice, you can learn and improve communication skills. Start by identifying your strengths and then practice and develop those areas.

1.Ask a close friend or colleague for constructive criticism.

Your close friends and colleagues are the best to practice your communication skills. Their feedback will always be helpful to practice as well as improve your communication skills. Understand where you need to work while having a conversation and focus on those points next time. Your communication skills will always improve with practice. You don’t know how you’re being perceived as a communicator. To know the conclusion, ask a trustworthy person. Understand where you need to work while having a conversation and focus on it. This will be enhanced by practice.

2.Practice improving communication habits. 

Communication skills are the habits we have developed over the years. To improve your skills, practice is the key which will make you a better communicator. Be a part of conversations, ask questions where you feel is necessary, be open to each topic for your knowledge. Keep an eye on how others are responding towards you. The attitude towards others should be recognized according to their response and behavior towards you. Irrespective of other’s behavior, you must always talk politely and with respect.  

3.Attend communication skills workshops or classes.

A communication class or course will always be helpful for improving your skill. There are various online and off-line workshops, courses, classes and seminars that would help you become a better communicator. These classes would help you structure your communication, work on assignments, have open discussions, get first hand feedback, and help you practice and improve skills. There are several online and offline seminars, workshops and classes that can help you become a better communicator. These classes may include instruction, role play, written assignments and open discussions.

  1. Seek opportunities to communicate

To be a good communicator, you need to speak more. It is important to understand what is good communication, how to start one, what should be the topic of discussion, communication should have meaning and the message given should be complete. Communication can be in different forms and for different reasons. One has to remember the purpose of the communication and then act accordingly. Listening to others, processing the conversation or the message, body language etc. are the various things to remember while seeking opportunities to communicate. 

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